DJ You

Get a roomful of ladies grooving out to your favorite tunes! Sign up to DJ a Dance Dance Party Party session!

You may be asking yourself, How do I sign up to be a DJ? THIS SOUNDS HARD. It’s not! Follow these 5 easy steps to DJ success:

1) Post a request on our Facebook page, or just ask Christine what dates are open.

2) Come up with a DJ name to express your inner music lover! Your DJ name can be as silly as you want, but it’s there to take you out of your daily routine and make you a goddess of the dance floor.

3) Make your mix and bring it in on an iPod, phone, or computer.  ITunes and Spotify are the most common mix formats. What should you put on your mix? One hour of dance tunes, including a warm up song at the beginning and a cooldown song at the end. What do we mean by dance tunes? WHATEVER YOU LOVE TO DANCE TO!! If it makes you wiggle around to the beat when you hear it on your headphones, put it on the mix and make some magic. Remember, variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Just keep the music upbeat and fun!


5) Share your mix! I guarantee you, everyone heard at least one song that’s new to them, and we want to know how to find it and re-live the dance glory. Take a screenshot of your mix* and post it on the DDPP Austin Facebook page the next day!

*To take a screenshot, hold down “shift”, “apple (or command button)”, “4″ at the same time. A little scope (circle with a cross through it) should appear on the screen. Drag it across the space you want to photograph and when you have it all lined up, release! Voila! It should appear as a PNG on your desktop called “picture 1″. Then you can rename it and post it on FB. I will grab it and post it on the blog as well! If screenshots aren’t working out for you, just make a list of the track titles and artists and post it. 🙂

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