Questions? Email dancedancepartypartyaustin[at]gmail[dot]com.

Or visit the Facebook page HERE.  Like the page to stay updated and post questions/comments/playlists.

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. We have Nia dance fitness here in Houston,but do you know if Houston has DDPP? I would love to get some ladies together and start one here. Can you send me some info?

    Thanks,Monique Anglim.

  2. What is the average age of women who participate?
    I am 50, love to dance but havn’t in several years. My husband says he will take me out but refuses to dance.I can’t drive at night anymore, I have night blindness, my husband will have to drop me off and pick me up. Will this be a problem?

    • Happy to see women of every age! Average age probably thirty, but some older women as well. No problem with being dropped off and picked up by your husband – or let me know whereabouts you live and I can ask around and see if anyone could give you a ride. 🙂 Hope we see you next week!

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