And we won’t stop

Happy fall, all you beauties.  We’re still shakin’ it every Tuesday at Brass Ovaries and see no end in sight.  A few reminders/announcements:

  • DDPP is ‘pay what you want’ and we mean it.  If your strapped for cash, we still want you to come.  The suggested donation is $5-$10, and that covers studio rental and insurance.  Cash accepted, or you can pay with credit card/paypal on your own time with this link:
  • If you are interested in DJ-ing, please ask me (Christine) at class, or send a message to the Facebook page.
  • Our venue, Brass Ovaries, has been so good to us that I encourage you to check out their classes.  They have pole classes, but also offer lots of other options like Ballet Tone and Twerk Fit (!!)

I haven’t posted in awhile, so here are some playlists from September/October:

DJ Schak Attack – 9/2/2014:

Dj schak attack 9:2


DJ Jojo – 9/16/2014:

dj Jojo 9:16


DJ Squirrel Attack! – 9/23/2014

dj squirrel attack 9:23


DJ EZ Bake – 9/30/2014

dj ez bake 9:30


DJ Generic Thug – 10/14/2014

dj generic thug 10:14

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