DJ KBNoyz deafened critics

This past Tuesday was a hot summer night perfect for turning out the lights and getting sticky with sweat.  DJ KBNoyz tore up the sound system and the dance floor, to all of our delights.  I haven’t gotten “All About that Bass” out of my head since then.  Seriously, I’ve been singing it to myself for 3 days and wishing I could move my body like the guy in the music video.  The second highlight was when everyone danced like menacing spiders to “Murder in the Big Top”, the memory of this makes me smile so big.  Here’s the playlist:


The week before that, a substitute set from DJ DJ from Roseanne left a black-and-blue knee from a Tina Turner guitar slide on this dancer (me), but I have no regrets:


And the week before that (7/22), DJ IAIA gave us a run for our money, including the totally unexpected last song, Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” that poured everyone’s souls out onto the floor just in time for cool-down.  DJ IAIA also revealed that “iaia” means “grandma” in Catalan, because Casey likes playing old music, as she explained.  Here’s the playlist:


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