Long overdue

The blog’s been collecting dust, and it’s time to revive it with a recap of the DDPP spring season and a bunch of cool announcements.  We’ve been dancing for 6 months at Balance Dance Studios, a beautiful space with that OMG-AMAZING disco ball.  We’ve had soul-stirring playlists thanks to: DJ Dulce, DJ Milf, DJ Pandamonium, DJ Faybel, DJ EZ BAKE 4-EVA, DJ La La, DJ Mo Cakes, & yours truly, DJ DJ from Roseanne.  We wore out the grooves on Beyonce’s new album, heralded the year of Lorde, and embraced Iggy Azalea with a passion.  We did the YMCA, dipped into some Motown, got Happy with Pharrell, went nuts for Ke$ha, and caught up with our girl Rihanna.  And now, on the precipice of summer in Austin, it’s time for a new chapter.

Welcome to the summer portion of DDPP.    While most of the sweating in the Austin summer happens involuntarily, it’s a great time to do it on purpose.  Are you ready to take it to another level?  Sweatier, more intense, and totally twerk-tastic.  We are going to dance it out and not look back.  Starting mid-July we’ll be back, at a new location (soon to be announced) and a new night and time.  And we’re going donation-based!

Next week we’ll be announcing the info for the newer, hotter, DDPP.  I hope you will be a part of it, whether you’ve relied on DDPP as your weekly release, or have never been before.  As always, Dance Dance Party Party is no boys, no booze, no judgement.  It’s 1 hour of lights-out, music-up creative release and workout for ladies only.   Try it once and then you can sign up to bring the DJ playlist.

If you’re thinking about trying DDPP™, consider its international praise:  The Chicago Times says “it was a buttload of fun,” the Village Voice awarded it: “Best Gym Workout Without Having To Be Under the Scrutiny of Trainers, Buff Guys, or Yogis”, and Time Out New York said:  “A rhythmic young Madonna once won the empathy of footloose women everywhere when she belted out, “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free-ee.” If, at night, you lock the door so no one else can see-ee, consider joining Dance Dance Party Party instead.”

Lastly, don’t forget to follow DDPP on Twitter:  @DDPP_Austin