Dance Dance Party Party KARAOKE KARAOKE

Dance Dance Party Party Austin is two years old, yay! And we have only one birthday wish!

Aw, thanks Edward Cullen! But that’s not it.

On Sunday, May 13, DDPP is having an in-studio KARAOKE birthday party!! When you show up at the regular time (7pm), the studio will be equipped with a karaoke set-up, cordless mic, and limitless enthusiasm for hearing YOU sing dance tunes!! Check out this koooool graphic if you still don’t know what I’m talking about because you weren’t reading very carefully!

Think of it: YOU, belting out your favorite karaoke song into the mirror, disco lights swirling, surrounded by awesome, dancing women who are DUTY-BOUND not to judge you! You can dance around the room, and we can be your back-up dancers! If you were there last time we did this, you know that this is basically my reason for living.

But there is one thing we need from you, dear DDPPers – we need your requests! We will be assembling a DDPPKK playlist of the bestest dance-y karaoke hits imaginable. If you want to be sure and get your favorite song, SIGN UP NOW on the Facebook Page and let us know what song you want to sing! You can also message me in private if you want it to be a big ol’ surprise, or send me an email (amyegentry at gmail).

Regardless of how many requests we get, there WILL be a full hour of dance karaoke involved, and you can always sign up when you get there. So clear your calendar, you karaoke-dance-loving ladies!

One more thing: I was going to call this Dance Dance Party Party Karaoke Karaoke Birthday Birthday, but I know my limits.

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