Send us your prom pics!

Gearing up for DDPP Prom Prom has me thinking way back to the spring of ’96. Check out DJ EZ-Bake’s non-traditional, platonic love-triangle prom photo and email me your own prom or dance pics so I can post them on the blog. C’mon, do it! I’m dying of curiosity here!

Dance Dance Party Party PROM PROM!!


You know what I don’t really miss? PROM!

Remember those agonizing months when you tried to pretend you didn’t care whether you got asked? Remember shopping for a dress in the juniors department of Dillard’s because the adult dresses were too expensive? Remember elbow-length gloves and painful updoes? Remember uncomfortable shoes and limos with tacky interiors? Remember overpriced dinners at stuffy restaurants with peevish waiters? Remember watching your ex dance with his new girlfriend out of the corner of your eye? Remember losing your contact lens during the last song, and fleeing the dance floor in humiliation when six of your friends, despite your pleading, dropped to the floor to look for it?

Okay, you may not have be with me on that last one. Still, I bet you have some fun prom memories to share. Well, share them with Dance Dance Party Party at our first annual DDPP Prom Prom, the only night of the year when you are free to bring a date (or multiple dates) of ANY GENDER WHATSOEVER!! That’s right, we are celebrating our first year of successful boogying, abandoning our “no boys” policy for one night only and opening our arms to people with all different kinds of, you know, junk. Bring your mate, your gay friend, your straight friend, that friend you have a crush on, your cousin, your brother, your father or son, or all of the above! Basically any guy who likes to get down and has been complaining about being left at home on Sunday nights.

We have rented the lavish LARGE STUDIO at NiaSpace (3212 S. Congress) for this gala affair, so even though the cost is still just $5/dancer, we will have room enough for everyone to thrash around to their hearts’ content. DDPP will be at the same time as regular DDPP, 7-8pm on Sunday nights.

One more thing: We are taking requests for a group mix tape for the DDPP prom! So think back on the best (or worst) songs you danced to, wanted to dance to, or refused to dance to way back in 1902 or whenever your prom took place. And email us your requests at dancedancepartypartyaustin at gmail dot com, or post your request right here on the webby-site. We’ll have some fun surprises for you, including door prizes and souvenirs of this very special night. Do not miss this gala event! As always, you wear what you want and dance how you want.

Class of ’11, We’re Goin’ to Heaven! Um, that’s the theme. Dance it up, y’all!