Shoutout: DJ JamMaster Fresh

Ah, the change in seasons. The leaves are turning gold and drifting gently to the ground, or so I am told they are in some parts of the country. The apples are swelling in the orchard. The frost is on the proverbial pumpkin.

All of this puts me in a nostalgic mood, which makes me want to go back and give a shoutout to all those heroic lady DJs whose playlists have fallen through the cracks in the last couple of months, casualties of my recent blogging hiatus. First among these dancing queens of DDPP is DJ JamMaster Fresh. Now, DJ JamMaster Fresh first wowed us way back in June with a super-tight ’80s mix that had us anger-dancing in warehouses, holding boomboxes over our heads, and applying lipstick using only our bosoms. By contrast, her August 2010 “Bouncy” mix featured an eclectic array of musical themes and genres, from Janet Jackson to The Clash to St. Vincent to Bobby Brown. DJ JamMaster Fresh’s Bouncy Mix rocked the hottest part of the Austin summer with four decades’ worth of tasty tunes, proving to one and all that this was one mixmistress with RANGE. Thanks, ‘Fresh! Give us another mix soon!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is the best image that came up when I google-imaged “JamMaster Fresh”:


Just picture this guy when you’re listening to DJ JamMaster Fresh’s Bouncy Mix. And bounce you will!

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