TRICK OR TREAT mix tonight!!

Hi all!

I’m back! After a prolonged hiatus from blogging DDPP, I am here to say that we are still alive and dancing, sometimes to very ridiculous music. This will be the case tonight as well!


Yes, it’s a very special and not particularly spooky Halloween mix that DJ EZ-Bake has prepared for you tonight! So come on down at 7pm to NiaSpace (3212 S. Congress, lefthand studio) for the sweetest and stickiest mix of the year!

In the next couple of days, I’m going to be doing some back-blogging. Specifically, I’m going to try to post ALL the fantastic dance mixes that our fantastic DJs have been creating since the end of the summer, or at least as many as I can find on my computer. I may have fallen down on my posting duties, but believe me ladies, I’ve been saving your mixes and they’re gonna be posted. Why should I do this? Not just to acknowledge their brilliant creatrixes, but BECAUSE THESE MIXES ARE GREATNESS. You will want to beg, borrow, or download these songs for your personal enjoyment! (Several of them have already made it to my gym mix. The ultimate test of a heart-thumping, ass-wiggling playlist is if it makes an hour on the elliptical go by without throwing me into an existential morass.)

One more thing: NO HALLOWEEN DDPP! That’s right, Halloween is all about gruesome costumes and scaring the kiddies, so we’re gonna let y’all get your exercise doing that instead of dancing. BUT ONLY FOR ONE WEEK! After that, it’s back to the groove. So don’t get out of practice or anything.


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