A DJ with Her Own Intro


Last night, DJ Babycakes made DDPP history. Wrap your brain around this: Babycakes’s musician husband WROTE AND PERFORMED A BABYCAKES-THEMED TECHNO SONG FOR HER FIRST TRACK. More than a novelty, Babycakes’s professional introduction testified to the beauty of a truly devoted life partner. I might have shed a tear, if I wasn’t so busy shaking my ass to DJ Babycakes’s imminently danceable mix, a melange of early 90s techno hits from Snap, Technotronic, and more. How well I remember secretly bopping in my bedroom to “Groove is in the Heart,” “Pump Up the Jam,” and “Connected,” my melancholy R.E.M.-stoked adolescent persona temporarily abandoned. I could never admit back then that those songs really rang my bell. Thank god for Babycakes and her parade of techno hits, because I finally got to cut loose and dance like crazy to songs made to keep the floor packed. And I wasn’t the only one: old friends and new, we all got down in one of the fastest-paced dance-outs on record. Here’s to more DJ Babycakes in the future!

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