Oil Spill Summer Mix: Slippery!

When, in years to come, we take a moment to reminisce about this summer while pouring lemonade for the grandkids, what will we remember? What will future generations say about the months of June, July, and August 2010?

Dennis Hopper died. Spain won the World Cup. The California Supreme Court struck down the 2008 ban on gay marriage. A lot to digest. But there’s one thing that will perhaps define the past summer more than any other event:


Yes, it’s been a slick, slippery, environmentally disastrous summer, and we residents of the gulf coast are perhaps more cognizant than anyone of the threat to our enjoyment of shrimp scampi. However, as DJ M.I.L.F. discovered and revealed to us last Sunday evening, there is always something to be gained even from natural disaster, if only a more profound understanding of the dangers of deep-sea drilling. And, in this case, a pretty rocking mix of tunes that delicately alluded to, acknowledged, and sometimes poked fun at our collective consciousness during the hottest months of a hot Texas summer. Ladies and gentlemen, the Oil Spill Summer Mix:

Of course, I will also remember this summer as the one where I moved to Austin and began organizing DDPP, making this one of the nicest and friendliest and breakfast taco-iest summers of my life. Thanks, ladies, for helping make that happen, and thanks to DJ M.I.L.F. for her mixes and her co-den-mother-ship. Mothership! That makes me think that some P-Funk might be on my next mix. . . . .

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a funky-fresh mix next Sunday from Cat, aka DJ JamMaster Fresh! Can’t wait – her last one was solid gold!

Sunday, August 15
NiaSpace, 3212 S. Congress, lefthand studio
7:00-8:30 p.m.

Be there!

A DJ with Her Own Intro


Last night, DJ Babycakes made DDPP history. Wrap your brain around this: Babycakes’s musician husband WROTE AND PERFORMED A BABYCAKES-THEMED TECHNO SONG FOR HER FIRST TRACK. More than a novelty, Babycakes’s professional introduction testified to the beauty of a truly devoted life partner. I might have shed a tear, if I wasn’t so busy shaking my ass to DJ Babycakes’s imminently danceable mix, a melange of early 90s techno hits from Snap, Technotronic, and more. How well I remember secretly bopping in my bedroom to “Groove is in the Heart,” “Pump Up the Jam,” and “Connected,” my melancholy R.E.M.-stoked adolescent persona temporarily abandoned. I could never admit back then that those songs really rang my bell. Thank god for Babycakes and her parade of techno hits, because I finally got to cut loose and dance like crazy to songs made to keep the floor packed. And I wasn’t the only one: old friends and new, we all got down in one of the fastest-paced dance-outs on record. Here’s to more DJ Babycakes in the future!