DJ Pozey: Fireworks!!

This Sunday was July Fourth, a day most folks spend firmly planted in the kind of lawn chairs that have beer holders in the arms. But here at Dance Dance Party Party, we know that the best way to celebrate our nation’s independence is to wear red-white-and-blue dancing outfits and shake it to Souza, Kim Wilde, and the Beach Boys. When DJ Pozey brought her all-American skillz to the small studio at NiaSpace, the dimmed lights were our night sky. The disco lights were our fireworks. And DJ Pozey was our patriotic bandleader, leading us in spontaneous choreography and judgment-free silliness. At the end, we were so stoked about the mix that we danced right through the cool-down song and had to request a second cool-down from Pozey. Which she happily supplied, winding us down with the soothing strains of Mariah Carey’s “Fourth of July.” Ladies, let freedom from judgment ring!


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