Fembots Like Dancing Too

Between Robyn, Ms. Jade, Lady Sovereign, Amerie, Bjork, and Janelle Monae, there was a lot of diva action on Sunday’s mix. Have you noticed that they’re from outer space?

Arch-android Janelle Monae:


Everybody’s favorite big time sensualist, Bjork:


And finally, fembot Robyn:


These divas are so amazing that our planet literally cannot sustain their awesomeness, and they have to go in search of brave new worlds to conquer with their groove. Let’s salute these space broads! DJ EZ-Bake loves ’em, and so do you, judging by your enthusiastic booty-shakin’ on Sunday night.


That’s just an awesome f’ing diva, y’all. Check her out! Also her name is extremely similar to one of the diva-est divas of all time!


For a crash course in divas and lots of great pictures, check out this awesome website. There’s a whole section devoted to Norma Shearer because these people really know their divas.

Anyway, here’s the mix:

Coming soon: Dance Dance Party Party Karaoke Karaoke! If you’d like to be the diva for a night and sing the songs that make your fellow DDPPer’s dance like crazy, email your suggestions for karaoke songs YOU’D like to sing to dancedancepartypartyaustin [at] gmail [dot] com.

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