DJ Fe-Nom = Fenomenal!!!

Okay, DDPP was AMAZING this past Sunday. For starters, we had a great group of ladies – both familiar faces and new ones – crowding the dance floor with their crazy awesome syncopated saltation. For another thing, we had a DJ with a gift for choosing truly tasty tracks – DJ Fe-Nom, the fe-male whose beats make us go “nom nom.” This lackadaisical lady with the mad moves brought it hard-core with a mix of clubby hits and songs we danced to at slumber parties when we were eight years old. From Ace of Base to Technotronic to Lady Gaga, DJ Fe-Nom led us by the hand down the booty-shakin’ path from childhood to adulthood. And you could see where she got her rad rhythm, because her mom was right there shaking it with her all the way! That’s right, Fe-Nom’s Mom is as phe-mom-enal as her daughter is phenomenal!

No playlist yet, but I eagerly anticipate it. DJ Fe-Nom, don’t leave us in the dark forever!

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