Color Us Danced

Despite clearly stated rules, a mysterious man showed up at Dance Dance Party Party last Sunday. His name? Roy G. Biv. His mission? To dance us beyond our capacity either to remember the events of the week past or to contemplate the events of the week to come. His existence? Noncorporeal, and due entirely to the mad skillz of den momma Alissa, aka DJ MILF. For our dance-utainment the momma we would all like to frisk concocted an entire mix around the rainbow-hued rapscallion whose name was such a prominent feature of our kindergarten educations. As you peruse this Crayola box of a mix, please note that the songs are in perfect order according to the spectrum of the rainbow, and include the elusive, but so lovely to see in the sky of a summer evening, indigo.

2 thoughts on “Color Us Danced

  1. As a first-timer, I must say that I had a blast!!! The last song of the mix was especially wonderful. What am I most upset about? Missing next week when DJ??? and her 80’s mix will be rockin’ NiaSpace. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next 80’s mix comes along…

  2. So glad you came – and can’t wait to hear your mix and meet your mom! (There’s a post somewhere on here about moms you might want to read . . . )

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