A Dance-uation.

This Sunday DJ EZ-Bake experienced some technical difficulties of a minor order.
please stand by
Nothing as bad as this though:
Isn’t this Natalie Dee lady great? I find her all over the web whenever I’m looking for stupid things to post on this blog. Here’s one I like:
She should really add “English Ph.D.” to that list.
But most Natalie Dee cartoons are a distant cousin of the old Cathy comic strip. Here’s Cathy, super stressed out because of Diet Soda or something:
Here’s Natalie Dee, also stressed. But in a more relatable, twenty-first-century fashion!
We’ve all felt like that, haven’t we ladies?

Anyway, getting back to Sunday’s DDPP. Trouble with the sound system and with my iPod meant I worked up a sweat even without the dancing. I made some definite Natalie Dee faces, guys. However, in between all the jiggling of wires and twiddling of knobs, there was a WHOLE LOT OF DANCING GOING ON. And you know what Natalie Dee has to say about that:
Here’s what we danced our bearpants off to:

Join us next week, when DJ Blueberry takes the iPod!

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