DJ KBNoyz: The Toy Store of Dance

While the toy store KB Toys tragically fell victim to the recession last year after flagging sales, we have our own recession-proof source of never-ending fun: DJ KBNoyz! The pure dance pleasure she brought on Sunday was more fun than a barrel of tiny plastic monkeys whose arms hook together:barrelofmonkeys
It was more fun than an old-fashioned tin crank kaleidoscope:tinketonk
It was even more fun than a View-Master!
And unlike the toys you buy in a toy store, KBNoyz is never subject to recalls because of lead paint concerns. In short, her mix surpassed the breakable and ultimately disappointing toys of our youth and provided over an hour of sweat-drenched, sometimes spontaneously choreographed dance hysteria. KBNoyz danced us and danced us until we begged for mercy, causing one DDPPer to dub her “The Toy Store of Dance.” So ladies, fret not over the closure of KB Toys. As long as DJKBNoyz is in the house, fun will be had.

Next week: DJ M.I.L.F. returns for an inspired Mother’s Day mix! Come dance in honor of the lady who birthed ya!

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