This Sunday, DJ KBNoyz is going to blow your mind.

Ladies and gentle-ladies, get ready! This Sunday (May 2) we will be shaking it to the delirious beats of the unstoppable DJ KBNoyz. Deets:

Dance Dance Party Party!
Sunday, May 2
3212 S. Congress

Only $5, and the first time is FREE!! As always, the only rule is no judgy-judging yourself or others. Also, shake that ass.

DJ M.I.L.F. and DJ EZ-Bake Playlists

Here’s a list of the tunes that had you up on the floor for the past two Sundays:
easy bake oven
DJ EZ-Bake’s Warm-Your-Muffin Mix (April 18):

1. U.N.I.T.Y. / Queen Latifah

2. Right Hand Hi / Kid Sister

3. Jerk It / Thunderheist

4. Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) / Beyonce

5. Make It Take It / Amanda Blank

6. Kill Bill / Electrik Red

7. Mommy Complex / Peaches

8. Conceited (There’s Something About Remy) / Remy Ma

9. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) / Detroit Cobras

10. Little Secrets / Passion Pit

11. Creator / Santogold

12. Cobrastyle / Robyn

13. World Town / M.I.A.

14. Bounce (feat. N.O.R.E.) / MSTRKRFT & N.O.R.E.

15. My Life Would Suck Without You / Kelly Clarkson

16. Untouched / The Veronicas

17. Bad Romance / Lady GaGa

18. Ray of Light / Madonna

19. I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked / Ida Maria

20. The Vanishing / Stars

And now, a list of tunes from the J-Pop princess, DJ M.I.L.F.:

2. Joyful / Da Pump

3. luvluvluv- / Dreams Come True

4. IU Mee Him / Yuki

5. Go Go Dancer / PIZZICATO FIVE

6. Boys & Girls / Ayumi Hamasaki

7. Groovy is my Name – Pizzacato Five

8. Baby, Baby, Baby – Da Pump

9. Good – Pizzacato Five

10. Fly High / Ayumi Hamasaki

11. Rainbow St. / Yuki

12. Crazy Beat Goes On / Da Pump

13. Sphisticated Catchy / Pizzacato Five

14. Depend on You / Ayumi Hamasaki

15. The Night is Still Young / Pizzacato Five

16. Sayonara Dance / Yuki

DJ M.I.L.F. rocked us!

Hi everyone!

I’m Amy Gentry, a new den mother for Dance Dance Party Party Austin, and I’m here to introduce yet another new name: Alissa Zachary, who debuted her DJ skillz last night as DJ M.I.L.F., the J-Pop queen! Alissa will be co-den-mother with me and Mary Beth, and hopefully this means we will be able to rock out to more of her fabulous jams! Word is, there’s a Mother’s Day work in the mix for this hot momma. Keep your fingers crossed. J-Pop track list forthcoming.

In the meantime, I’d like to announce that we’re on for NEXT SUNDAY!! We’re going back to an every-week schedule, so tell your friends it’s on! Next week we have a special guest DJ whose name will be revealed in due time . . . Don’t forget to come dance with us!!

This Sunday!

I hope you’re all getting excited for Sunday, I know I am!

This Sunday we’re going to have a super awesome guest DJ and I’m totally stoked about it. Remember, if you’ve been to DDPP at least once you too can become a guest DJ and get all the ladies bustin’ to the tunes of your choosing.

So, same place and time as always!
Sunday, April 18
NiaSpace (3212 S. Congress)

Bring your friends! The more the merrier!